Friday, March 31, 2006

American Philatelic Society

The internet has made stamp collecting much easier than it was. Almost everything a stamp collector needs is available on-line. Dozens of websites offer almost everything a stamp collector needs - from information and tips to supplies or fellow stamp collectors and stamp traders.

A useful site for beginners is The American Philatelic Society at This website hosts a stamp store, listings of stamp dealers, stamp education, along with shows and exhibits. There is a membership fee for this stamp collecting society and is a very useful resource for the serious stamp collector.

Another website that many stamp collectors find useful is This website lists stamp buyers, stamp sellers and traders and even lists home pages of individuals that collect stamps. is a useful website with information about stamp clubs, stamp dealers and stamp collectors news. There are also some interesting articles and stamp images. The publisher of the website will even publish your article on stamp collecting if you send it through to him.

Go to if you need to know more about certain stamps or want to find out what a particular stamp is worth?

The website at is interesting for kids who are interested in stamp collecting. The site features advice and more from National Young Philatelic's Society.

Another stamp collecting website that kids will find interesting is From time to time there are free stamps available for visitors there.

These website links have been published in the interests of helping you gain knowledge and expertise in stamp collecting. These wespites are not controlled by us and they will probably change their content and offers from time to time. We at stampheavens are not responsible for that but we would like to stay informed. If you visit one of these sites and find the content unsatisfactory please contact us and let us know. Thanks.


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